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Hello and welcome to the new and ‘have to be in’ group in Secondlife.  This group is very much in the early stages of its development but it is founded by owners and who have experience in owning stores, creating fashion,  launching,  growing & running a large established group and also a 38 stand monthly event.  Our staff have extensive experience moderating multiple groups in Secondlife & modelling so this group has the best foundations you could put on your wish list!


Our primary aim is to bring you a group with a vast knowledge and links to all that SL has to offer in the fashion industry and be the link between shoppers and designers, offers and creators, free items and events so join today and we will endeavour to bring you all that and more.

Avatar Enhancements Logo


SL buyers are more refined – they know what application of clothes they wear and want to shop with extensive style choices from casual, urban and street to formal, underwear, footwear and even risque we plan to have it all covered in this group.  From FitMesh technology clothing to hair, skin, bento items and tattoos, nails, jewellery, shoes and make-up.


* FitMesh * Maitreya * Physique * Hourglass * Venus * Isis * Freya * eBody * Curvy * Fine * Pulpy * Slim * TMP * Signature * Aesthetic * Adam * Slink(M) * Classic*







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